Everything starting from the love of Reggae and Dancehall in 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland

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Born from the love of Reggae, Little Lion Sound is a Sound System founded in Geneva, Switzerland by Nicolas Meury in 2004 (then later joined by Jannali Littman in 2016). Following the Jamaican tradition, navigating between Reggae, Dancehall and Afrobeat, Little Lion Sound has made their eclectic selecting their trademark. Organizing street dances since 2006, Little Lion is also the Sound Clash Champion winning clashes across the globe.


But far from being just DJ’s. They’ve been organizing since 2006 regular dances all around Switzerland and has since 2009, after a trip to New York, brought artists internationally renowned such as: Ranking Joe, Wayne Smith,Al Campbell, or Brother Culture and have with them tour all across Europe !


It is in 2010, that the Little Lion Sound, establish their recording studio in Geneva and takes this opportunity to record Dubplate (exclusive track) with international artists moving to Geneva or young talents to enrich their music selection ! With more than 1000 shows across the world, from Geneva, New York, Europe to Australia, the Little Lion Sound have managed to establish themselves as one of the leading sound from the European Reggae scene, but Little Lion Sound remain active on the local scene of Geneva and have various residency in some of Geneva’s finest venues :

  • Chat Noir (Rhum & Vybz)
  • PTR L’Usine (Jamaican Vybz)
  • Village Du Soir (We Love Dancehall)


Today, Little Lion Sound has their own record label. Evidence Music – founded with Derrick Sound in 2013 – produces various genres of music including Hip Hop, Salsa and Afrobeats. They have gone on to establishing artists such as Danitsa, who won the Swiss Music Awards in 2018 and collaborated with international artists such as Shaggy, Konshens, Shenseea, Capleton, among many others.


Loving the soundclash culture they participate in a couple of clash since their debut :

  • 09.09.12 : 1-2-3 Badda Dan Clash, Biel CH (3rd position)
  • 09.11.13 : Cologne City Clash VS Ivory Sound VS Reggae Bash Sound, Cologne DE (2nd position)
  • 23.05.14 : Time Fi Clash ! VS Ride di vibes sound VS Zion High VS Mighty Earth, Lyon FR (won)
  • 26.12.16 : Byron Bay Soundclash VS 4’20 Sound, Byron Bay AUS (won)
  • 14.07.17 : Portomore Soundclash VS Guiding Star, Porto PT (2nd position)
  • 04.03.18 : Kill & Destroy Clash VS jemani Jahka VS Bloodarun sound, Olten CH (2nd position)
  • 21.05.2022 : Metax’Clash VS Truth & Rights VS Tekilla Sound VS Interlion Sound, Paris FR (Won)